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Pumpking Oilfield Services Limited is one of the leading Oil and Gas Pipeline and Well services Engineering Companies in Nigeria. We follow up with close attention to job setup to ensure support services are compatible with the job design. Our field crews are experienced, focused, and dedicated to complete every job on time based on the design. Pumpking Services makes every effort to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We deploy, by providing, fit-for-purpose, custom designed recommendations for your pipeline or Oil wells, based on experience in the area and specific information gathered. We constantly maintain fleet of pumps and other equipment for various Oilfield services. We also parade some of the best trained engineers and technicians with several years of experience spanning over a wide range of oilfield services. We rely on our well trained professionals to maintain and operate all the equipment in our fleet.



Pipeline Services

Our pipeline services ensure increased confidence in your system’s integrity. Here is a listing of the tasks we carry out under this service category.

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

Nitrogen and air Purging

Chemical Cleaning

Nitrogen Services

Filtration Services

Pipeline De-Commissioning

Pipeline Leak

Pipeline Iinspection

Valve Maintenance and Replacement

Oil Platform

Well Intervention

We have extensive experience in handling various well intervention scenerio's.

Well Stimulation Acidization

Coiled Tubing Services

Nitrogen Services

Oil Platform

Drilling Support

We are continuously in the search for new ways to help you drill deeper and faster.

Filtration Services

Batch Mixing

Pumping Cement Slurry and Mud

Oil Platform

Allied Services

We offer further auxilliary related services that highlight the extent of our commitment to the oil and gas industry.

Painting Preservation and Coating

Facility Upgrade Services

Vessel and Tank Cleaning


Chevron Nig.
Ltd/GIS Pipeline

Flushing and Hydrotesting 8"
Idama DP Line

Completed Dec, 2010

SPDC Pipeline

Auxiliary pumping 16" x 20.4km
Egbema m/f-Asa D/L

Completed May 2011

SPDC Pipeline

Hydro-testing of 12" x 15.7km
Ogutaf/s-Egbema m/f D/L

Completed June 2011


Auxiliary pumping 10" x 10.3km
Egbema W. - Egbema manifold

Completed June 2011


Auxiliary pumping 10" x 10.3km
Egbema W. - Egbema manifold

Completed June, 2011

SPDC/DSV PiPetronix

Intelligent Pigging of 8" x 9.9km
Isimiri – Imo Gate D/ Line

Completed Aug, 2011


Auxiliary Pumping on 8" x 11km
Umuechem - Nkpoku D/L

Completed April, 2011


Auxiliary Pumping on 18" x 30km
Asa - Rumuekpe Trunk Line

Completed Feb, 2011

SPDC/DSV Pipeline

Intelligent Pigging of 16" x 32km
Odeama-Belema m/f D/L

Completed June, 2012

Chevron Nigeria Limited
Baltic Rig

Auxiliary pumping of WBM

Completed June, 2012

SPDC/Maritimex Pipeline

Ultra Sonic Testing of 3x
bulklines – Forcados Estuary.

Completed Dec, 2011

MPN/Project Masters Nig Ltd Pipeline

Pipeline Flushing/Nitrogen
Purging of pipline

Completed Oct, 2012

Chevron Nigeria Ltd Wells

Pumping and Batch Mixing of

Completed April, 2013

SNEPCO Pipeline

Pigging trap and barrel
Doors Maintenance

Completed Aug, 2014

NAOC/NIPP Pipeline

Pre-commissioning of 12" Gas

Completed Jan, 2014

Chevron Nigeria Ltd/Emval Wells

Support Pumping for Slickline

Completed Sept, 2015


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